sublets for rent London

Sublet Offices

Traditionally, renting of an office space consists of taking a conventional lease on a property and overseeing every aspect, from the design and fit-out, to the office management itself. Typically, conventional leases are offered on a minimum 5 year term, sometimes with a negotiated break-clause.

In some instances, short term leases are available. Known as sublets for rent in London, this route consists of a sublease being granted by the current occupiers, to a subtenant.

A sublet can be made available on conventional terms, by paying rent, business rates and service charge, on a price per square foot, OR, on all-inclusive terms, paying a price per desk per month(i.e. similar to a serviced office, delivered with furniture, IT/Telephony, meeting rooms etc.)

Subletting can be a viable alternative to a serviced office, however, they are often in short supply and can be quite difficult to find. The process of acquiring a sublease is as time consuming as taking a traditional lease and will require legal review prior to completion.

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